$98,842,426 returned in 2016


We are Jewish-Israeli lawyers and returning Israeli citizens their unclaimed property lost in the USA is our goal.

If you were a U.S. resident, live up there now, have business up there, etc. you can get your missing money back.

It is our job to assist you in claim process, make your abandoned property available to you so that it can be located any time in the future either by you or even by your heirs and successors.



Unclaimed property refers to intangible assets held by financial institutions or companies that have had no contact with an account holder for an extended period of time.

A lost piece of correspondence, an incomplete address, an error in organization’s records, etc. are typical examples of reasons why this communication fails.

All entities that hold abandoned funds (i.e. unclaimed property holders) must report annually to unclaimed property offices and departments to indicate whether they have reportable items for that year. As original holders could not locate and contact owners, their funds or securities are turned over to unclaimed property offices and departments, where they are kept and preserved for individuals until they claim it.



On this website we provide you with the online search tool to find the information regarding unclaimed property that you are looking for.

shopforisrael.com – that’s the place to check if you have abandoned insurance proceeds, banking account deposits or other assets perhaps you forgotten about years ago!

This is how to get the process started:

  • To find the property that’s in your name please enter the name, specific property ID or address in the required field and select the state. Note that you may search all states.
  • Go to the link (links) in the search result list to an unclaimed property office website.
  • Click on the claim button and fill out the required information. Follow instructions regarding documents necessary to establish rightful ownership in order to claim your property.

It takes about one minute to find out whether you have unclaimed property listed in our database. Check for yourself, friends and family!

Click, search and claim! That’s really not that big of a deal!


Number of Records

That’s the number of records throughout the country stating hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed assets up for grabs.


Number of Reporters

The number of financial organizations and companies that indicate they hold intangible property: money and credits, stocks and bonds, etc.

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