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Smoo Cave

Smoo Cave The Place to Spend Your Leisure

Excitement is one of the key things that human beings should experience in their lives. There are many ways that individuals can use to bring that excitement to themselves; these include playing games and any other activities that are appropriate. However, visiting recreational facilities such as amusement parks. Not all parks will bring the happiness and other enjoyable feelings, for that reason,this article will exclusively unravel to you one of the best amusement places you need to visit; Smoo Cave.

Smoo Cave is situated at the far eastern edge of the village of Durness, on the northern coastline of Scotland. Overcrowding is not an issue with this place; it is large enough to contain a huge crowd. It is always dramatic to visit Smoo Cave since it only has one major road to its entrance. It has historical significance to the British and the world as a whole. The archaeological history, geological formation and wildlife abundance are some of the characteristics that make it more valuable and, of course, the best place to visit with the family.

The cave is easily accessible by the help of steps created on the footpath. Next to the cave is a beautifully constructed car park to ease the movement of those that visit the facility and avoid wastage of time through walking a long distance. For the first time visitors, there are signs placed in the area to guide and prevent any obstruction. There are other natural beauties around the cave such as the river and waterfall that makes a lovely natural noise within the area. Unlike other places, Smoo Cave has different chambers where each chamber has its function. The first one is an opening from sea inlet, and the second chamber can only be accessed by the use of footbridge only after the burn drops in the deepest part of the pool found in the facility. The third chamber is one of its kind; it accessed through a boat ride over the pool adjacent of the waterfall. The boat ride experience brings an excitement to the visitors and makes them yearn for more. For sure, Smoo Cave is the place to be.

Neist Point Scotland

What Insiders Are Saying About Neist Point Scotland

Neist Point Scotland is found on the extreme westerly tip of Skye in an area popularly known as 'Durinish' near the township of Glendale in Scotland. It is among the most popular lighthouses in Scotland. The walk down is quite easy however the concrete path gets steep at certain points.

From the concrete path, you can clearly see magnificent views of the high cliffs and the lighthouse itself. The view becomes even more spectacular at sunset making Neist point a popular destination for movie shooting and landscape photographing.

Neist point is regarded to as the ideal location on Skye to view dolphins, whales, basking sharks and porpoises. Additionally, the sea around this point is filled with sea birds for instance razorbills, gannets, shags and black guillemots. Furthermore, the causeway to the Neist point hosts several species of unusual and unique plants including alpine plants. Its sheltered-bays are also popular locations for fishing with 14 different fish species.

There is only one safe path both ways down and back. This path covers 2.2 kilometers which takes averagely forty five minutes( without stops) to complete the walk. The walk takes you near high cliffs hence not recommendable in misty/windy conditions. A car park is located ten and half miles from Dunvegan at the very end of the the single-track-road. The drive to the car park is 31 miles for those travelling from Portree.

From the start of the car park, impressive views of surrounding cliffs can be seen however the lighthouse cannot be seen at this point unless one walks back along the cliff to the right of the car park. As the concrete path begins to go up a second cliff-section with a handrail on the left, one can be able to see the lighthouse. This lighthouse was built in the year 1909 and was automated fully in the year 1990. It is forty three meters above sea level and can be viewed up to 16 nautical miles offshore.

Final Purport

In 1996, Neist point Scotland was used as setting for several scenes in the movie- Breaking the waves. In October 2012, several scenes for "47 Ronin" were also taken on its headland. It therefore goes without saying that Neist point Scotland is a magnificent place to visit. However, tourists should be very careful when walking towards edges of cliffs because it is easy to fall over.